Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tip for the Bride on Makeup

What makeup photographs best on brides?  In Attlee Weddings and Portraits 20 years behind the camera it is makeup that looks natural and is professionally applied.  Even if you're not a lover of makeup, you'll want extra sparkle in your eyes and a finished look on your face and lips on your wedding day.  The best way to get this is to go to a professional who will analyze your skin tones, hair and eye colors and select good quality, long lasting makeup that will enhance you in photographs and in the eyes of your groom and guests.

When Attlee Weddings and Portraits photographed New York City bride Stephanie Garbarino this fall, Rachel Weissman was her choice of New York makeup artists. 

Ms. Weissman said she applies classic art principles of the color wheel when considering what colors will make eyes pop.  "I looked closely at the color of Stephanie's eyes and skin tone and paid close attention to what she wanted.  I brought her vision to life by choosing colors that complimented her as an individual."

Ms. Weissman says she needs about an hour on the wedding day to work her magic and comes prepared with all types of brushes and many different palettes for neutral looks, daytime looks and dramatic looks.  "Some clients need hydration while other clients need oil control," says Ms. Weissman.  "I have gorgeous pigments that add an extra bit of "wow" to a look, even a very natural look."

New York City bride Stephanie Garbarino Treanor by makeup artist Rachel Weissman

New York makeup artist Rachel Weissman can be reached at 917-280-1277 and online at

Tracey Attlee of Attlee Weddings and Portraits is an award-winning professional DC, MD, VA, NJ and NY wedding and portrait photographer with previous White House service.  Whether your choice is good, arty or classic wedding photographs Tracey Attlee has pleased brides from Virginia to New York  for over 20 years.

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