Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tip for Brides: Speed Dial

This tip comes from over 20 years of experience in wedding photography: Make sure you have the cell phone number of every wedding vendor you have hired. Put their numbers on your speed dial.

Imagine this scenario: The bride is finally ready to go to the church. But, where is the limo? Mom and Dad already left for the church. So did the wedding party. Mom lined up the limo company; what's their name again? Waste time searching frantically for the number only to find no one's there, just a recording. Really starting to freak out now. Got to get a ride from someone in the neighborhood. The photographer's car is full of equipment, no room there. Start calling the neighbors. No one's home! They've all gone to for the ceremony! Only house with lights on is that weird guy way up the street who's not invited. Sheepish call made complete with having to explain the situation several times before he finally gets it. He says his car needs service that he hasn't gotten around to yet but he'll try. He pulls up in a rattly, teeny little car that hasn't seen a wash in months. Bride has a very grand cathedral train so we loop it around her. She shoves aside candy wrappers and sticky soda cans to squeeze in the back seat. Off she sputters and bangs to the church in the neighbor's lurching car, that fabulous gown wrinkling more deeply with every mile. Meanwhile at the church the guests are starting to whisper and the organist is playing song after song after song to fill in the silence while they wait.

This is a real DC wedding horror story. Bad karma spirals on the wedding day. So, do keep your cell phone in your bride's purse. Be able to reach your entire team of wedding vendors instantly on your wedding day!

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