Sunday, July 30, 2017

Military Video at Arlington Cemetery by Tracey Attlee

Tracey Attlee recently visited Arlington National Cemetery to shoot a behind the scenes video of the Army's Presidential Salute Battery in 100+ degree July temperatures as they honored a fallen Major General.

With thanks to SSG Bebee and his PSB colleagues here is the link for a good look at the precision and dignity of the U.S. Army Presidental Salute Battery on the Tracey Attlee military Full Honors video at Arlington National Cemetery:

Should your family need good high quality video and photos of an upcoming Full Honors Ceremony for an Army, Navy, Marine or Coast Guard military funeral at Arlington National Cemetery former White House photographer Tracey Attlee of Alexandria, VA assisted by her husband Todd A. Smith, retired US Marine and professional architectural photographer, have plenty of video and photography experience at Arlington Cemetery and are waiting to take care of you.

Please call Tracey Attlee on her direct office line: 703-751-1778 to discuss your wishes and your loved one's Honors Ceremony date and time.  Tracey and Todd will be your actual video and photo team; they are a patriotic military family.  Both of their fathers were military.  Tracey's father was Navy combat wounded, WWII and her maternal uncle was KIA, WWII.

For these reasons Tracey Attlee and Todd step outside of their regular professional photo and video assignments to work with other military families in need of peace, pride and closure from a dedicated, local photo video team with vast experience covering military funerals in all four seasons at Arlington National Cemetery.

If you would like to see more information about Tracey Attlee video and photography at Arlington National Cemetery military Full Honors Ceremonies please visit her web site