Sunday, January 16, 2011

Props Add Fun to Engagement Sessions

Engagement portrait sessions are an opportunity to have fun together. Choose a setting such as your favorite park, beach, garden, DC monument, waterfront or urban setting. Walk the dogs, lounge in a field of flowers, tell jokes and whisper sweet nothings to each other. You'll forget the camera is there and your faces will have great natural expression.
Jen Vassil and Craig Knouse brought a picnic basket, flowers, popcorn, toasting glasses, something bubbly, even funny hats and glasses to their recent engagement portrait session in Washington, D.C. With a few simple props they created an imaginative expression of how they enjoy life together. So, here's a tip from Attlee Weddings and Portraits: bring a few props to your engagement session and have fun being yourselves!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Take Time for Your Portrait on your Wedding Day

Although many brides plan their wedding day activities a full year in advance, the actual wedding day just flies by. Here's a tip: getting ready may take longer than you think so don't forget to build in extra time for your own bridal portrait! All that effort you've put into selecting your gown, veil, hairstyle, accessories and makeup needs to be translated into a graceful, unforgettable portrait. Make time for it on the wedding day and you'll have a beautiful memory for your family and yourself to enjoy for years.

Our lovely bride Lori Rulapaugh did one thorough job of planning her wedding day memories, right down to a computerized checklist of the groups and individuals she wanted photographed at her Alexandria, Virginia wedding. It made her day a pleasure to photograph because she planned her time carefully. Now she has memories for a lifetime, including this portrait of herself which will be in the program for the Mrs. Virginia America Pageant, February 5! Lori has been selected Mrs. Greater Alexandria, Virginia, and now goes on to vie for the title of Mrs. Virginia. Attlee Weddings and Portraits wishes her every success!