Monday, October 22, 2018

Kick Up Some Fun on Your Wedding Day!

When Hannah and Caleb requested outdoor wedding portraits at their beautiful ceremony and reception site The Cosmos Club in Washington, DC we suggested the front steps as a great place to begin.  With a wink of his eye, a flip of his French cuffed wrists and a toss of her glittering high heels this couple got their DC wedding photography off to an excellent start! 
Tracey Attlee is a wedding and portrait photographer/videographer in Alexandria, Virginia with 30 years experience covering official and social Washington from the White House to DC's finest weddings.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Welcome the Wind in your Wedding Veil!

The romance of a lace-edged veil in the wind!  Hannah and Caleb celebrate their wedding at the Cosmos Club in Washington, DC. Photo by Tracey Attlee with thanks to second shooter Todd A. Smith @toddasmithphoto who backs me up and inspires me onward.  
Tracey Attlee offers wedding videography and wedding photography for military and civilian brides and grooms throughout the Washington, DC NoVA and MD regions.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Ideas for Best Head Shot Portraits in DC

Corporate business photos in DC are generally shot on one solid color backdrop.  It makes publication on the company website easiest by adding uniformity to a page full of executive portraits showcasing current staffers.

The challenge of only one color of backdrop necessitates hiring a photographer who knows how to light.  Why?  Think of what will happen if the person's hair color matches the background.  Someone with dark hair is going to melt into a dark backdrop unless the photographer adds accent lighting to the hair and shoulders of the subject to create a sense of distance between the person and the background.

Start with good lighting and then if there is session time and you are game for variations why not try your portrait on an environmental or natural background that contrasts with your hair color?  Add in a few props that describe what you do and how you look on the job and you'll have a modern portrait with some of the best head shot photos in DC.

Here is a recent portrait by Tracey Attlee of Angelique Jackson, the CEO of Jancik Arts International, Inc. Atlanta, GA and Ocala, Fla.  Ms. Jackson is an internationally acclaimed artist who for the past 38 years has designed stained glass ceiling domes for cruise ships and luxury hotels across the globe.  Since she is an expert in structural drafting who also designs in wood and metal we thought a natural background would be great for her business portraits.  The wood contrasts well with her hair which we lit for definition.  Then we added a few props including her favorite purple pen and here is what she looks like on a typical day of work.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Top DC Real Estate Videos

It's all in the smooth panning!  DC luxury real estate videographer Todd A. Smith at work.

Have a DC area luxury property for sale?  Consider using a professional real estate video walkthrough of your property to help you get the word out fast, generate trust and attract attention!

Statistics show 60% of people retain more information when shown how to do something.  So why not entice them with a professionally filmed video walkthrough of your DC luxury property?

What does a video walkthrough look like?  For inspiration, take a look at this high resolution 1080p DC luxury real estate video walkthrough we just shot and produced for Kathy LoGuidice Fong of Shepard Fong/Keller Williams Luxury:

You'll see it displays cinematic videography plus a voiceover of the realtor, explaining the features of the property.  This works fine for a long, high resolution version of the video that you can link to your website and your Zillow site.  

We also make a shorter version of real estate video walkthroughs that are optimized for social media.  Your social media video will have a total run time 59 seconds or less so it can have a brief introduction with the realtor's voice if you request it with background music for the duration.

Both are popular, effective ways to market luxury properties and you can get them from us, veteran architectural photographer/videographer Todd A. Smith and me, his trusty second videographer and post producer Tracey Attlee!  We have a combined 30 years behind the lens and always work as a team so clients always have two pairs of expert, professional photo video eyes on their DC, NoVA, MD luxury real estate properties.

Call us today on Todd's office line 703-751-1688 to schedule your next cinematic real estate video walkthrough.  The first scout is free and we will meet you at your property to discuss your wishes and help you find the best, most effective filming angles.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Want the Best Head Shot Photos in DC?

This corporate hallway provided us with great space for location business photos in Maryland.

Business owners, have you really thought about how to make your executives happy?  One way is to commission an experienced photographer to take flattering business portraits of your people. 
No one wants to live with a business portrait that embarrasses them. And yet so many have told us just that.  It ranges from "I hated my portrait at the other firm where they made us look at the camera deadpan without any smile."  "Tracey your portraits are vastly better than what we had previously."  "Tracey this is the best picture of myself I have ever had.  You really know what you are doing."
What's our secret?  Thirty years behind the lens for one.  Next is good lighting that we customize for each shape of face so it sculpts and flatters.  Third is attitude.  We are there to make you a portrait that will define your reputation as a business person and bring you success.  We'll show you how to make it great. 
You'll see your pictures right away while we are onsite with you because our camera is tethered to a laptop.  We'll help you review the proofs and choose the best image for publication.  Then Tracey will personally hand retouch your portrait back in her studio and email it to you for approval. 
For DC location business photos with multiple executives needing individual portraits we arrive 1.5 hours in advance to set up and test our camera, lighting and backdrop.  Most firms put us in a conference room or unused space.
We suggest scheduling one portrait every half hour so we have plenty of time to photograph each person, show them the results, reshoot as necessary and help them choose their favorite one.
"You make it so easy Tracey," is what we often hear.  You'll see we have a selection of combs, hair spray, face powder, blotting tissues, even a hand mirror set out for your comfort and a last minute check of your look before and during the photo session.
Attlee PhotoVideo photographs executives on location at your place of business or by appointment in our studio.
Please call Tracey Attlee PhotoVideo in Alexandria, VA today at 703-751-1778 to schedule your employees for a portrait they will be proud of. 
See us online at 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Props Make a Great DC Head Shot Portrait

DC architect Robert Nichols - Photo by Tracey Attlee

When Robert Nichols an award-winning DC architect recently came in for a studio portrait session he arrived prepared.  Not only was his wardrobe, a neatly pressed shirt and suit, selected to set off his summer skin tones but he brought props to tell the story about his life as an architect: a scale model of his latest custom home design, plans and equipment he uses on the job.
Todd A. Smith created a lighting strategy that complimented the subject and revealed detail in the whites of his scale model and plans.  Lighting white for detail is not an easy thing to do but Todd has many years of experience lighting architecture.  Thank you Todd @toddasmithphoto
We experimented with different backdrop colors to find the best for publication. His portrait will be published and marketed widely owing to his recent award.  We liked the contrast of his hair and skin tones on this pearl gray backdrop the most.
For the best head shot photos in DC please call Tracey Attlee for location business portraits at your DC, MD or VA facility or to make an appointment for a session in our spacious Alexandria, VA studio with plenty of free parking.  We have over 30 years experience behind the lens and offer customized lighting just for your particular face and figure.  Tracey Attlee Portraits will help you put the best face on your business!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Behind the Scenes of a DC Business Portrait Session

DC Business Portrait Session Setup, photo by Tracey Attlee

Walking on the set of a business portrait session in a professional studio for the first time?  Here's what ours looks like.  
In this picture we're getting set up for a Washington DC architect's portrait session in our studio today.  We arrived an hour early to be sure to get everything settled and tested so when the executive arrives we are ready to go.  
We like to shoot with the camera tethered to a laptop in the studio.  That way our business person can see their pictures right away.  It feels a lot more relaxing and pretty soon we're all having fun and the pictures just get better and better.
Thank you Todd A. Smith for assisting with lighting and helping Tracey Attlee Portraits earn recommendations for top location business photos in DC!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Take Time for Art on your Wedding Day!

This intimate moment between newlyweds Kristin and Nick came about in the few minutes after the family and Wedding Party group shots at their Virginia wedding.  The couple invited us to use our imagination on a few shots before the reception and this is one of the results.
Our tip to brides: allow a minimum of 45 minutes for the group photography of both families, yourselves and the wedding party, then add in a few more for art.
Time passes so quickly on your wedding day.  If you organize your time the way these two Army officers did you'll have beautiful memories like these and the best wedding photography in DC to enjoy for a lifetime!
Tracey Attlee of Alexandria, VA has photographed military and civilian weddings for 30 years between DC and her original hometown of Spring Lake, New Jersey and is a recommended wedding photographer in DC private clubs Chevy Chase, Columbia, Congressional, Cosmos, Kenwood, Metropolitan Sulgrave and Virginia's military Ft. Myer, Army Navy Country Club, Ft. Belvoir and the Clubs at Quantico.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Styling in Mom's Wedding Gown

Tracey Attlee (left) photographs Zoya and bride Kristin at Zoya's Atelier, Falls Church, VA--Photo by Todd A. Smith

Talk about a bride to be with a heart full of love.  Family is so sentimentally important to our bride Kristin that she recently announced her decision to wear her mother's wedding gown at her upcoming summer wedding.  In our 30 years behind the lens this is only the second of our brides ever to do this!
What Kristin wisely chose is to have Zoya's Atelier in Falls Church, VA update the gown with modern touches.
Yesterday as we photographed the dress fitting we and Kristin's mother watched spellbound as Zoya transformed the sleeves and skirt and trim of the original gown into a lovely modern version.  
Zoya was formally trained at the Fashion Institute in New York City and has had wedding gown boutiques in London and New York.  It was a privilege to watch her in action.  
Not only did Zoya quickly show and tell how to modernize the dress but she also helped Kristin select a veil, hairpiece and earrings that complemented the proportions of the updated gown.  Then she demonstrated how best Kristin could wear her hair on the wedding day to set off the veil and accessories stylishly.  
What a pleasure to watch an artist transform a rushed young woman from a delayed plane flight into a beautiful, glowing bride to be!

Zoya's Atelier
260 West Broad Street
Falls Church, VA 22046
Tel:  571-775-0469

Tracey Attlee has photographed brides from Virginia to New York for 30 years from her Alexandria, VA headquarters.  She is formerly White House cleared and since 1996 has also served as a private photographer for the Rockefellers.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Best No VA Real Estate Videos

Attlee PhotoVideo of Alexandria, VA provides budget friendly top No VA real estate videos of luxury properties featuring the lens work of award winning architectural videographer/photographer Todd A. Smith
For 16 years we've produced high quality real estate advertising media for clients including Toll Brothers, Bozzuto, Western Development, Lend Lease, Insight Property Group, Akridge, The Breakers Hotel on the Ocean and others throughout VA MD DC NJ.  Our high definition 1080p videos are optimized for your social media marketing.
Call AttleePhotoVideo today to discuss your upcoming real estate video projects:  703-751-1778.  And if you need a new business portrait of yourself, Tracey Attlee has 30 years experience photographing top DC business portraits.

Friday, May 25, 2018

DC Author’s Book Cover Portrait by Tracey Attlee

Just released memoires of retired Foreign Service Officer Christopher Datta.  Cover portraits by Tracey Attlee with lighting by Todd A. Smith.  Cover Design:  Mallory Rock

Congratulations to author Christopher Datta for the release of his new book Guardians of the Grail a memoir of his adventures as a Foreign Service Officer in some of the most dangerous places on earth.  Sometimes humorous, always in brutal truth, this is the story of a life spent serving the United States no matter what the sacrifice.  “A great read,” says Ambassador (Ret.) John Blaney. 

Cover Portraits:  Tracey Attlee with lighting by Todd A. Smith

Cover Design:  Mallory Rock

Former White House photographer and Alexandria, VA portraitist Tracey Attlee is an English major and daughter of an English teacher and high school principal.  Please contact her for your next author's book portrait or speaking engagement business portrait. She has 30 years experience behind the lens and knows how to capture personality in a portrait shoot.  Her office telephone is:  703-751-1778.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Top Full Honors Funeral Videographer Arlington Cemetery

For the past 16 years former White House photographer Tracey Attlee and her husband architectural photographer Todd A. Smith, USMC ret., have teamed together for patriotic coverage of military funerals for our Nation's heroes at Arlington National Cemetery.  This video shows a Full Honors Ceremony for a Navy Captain (Deceased's family intentionally omitted for privacy).
Attlee's fine art military Honors videos feature fine art cinematic angles embellished by her husband's beautiful photography and freshly captured sound from each individual Ceremony.
While other vendors recycle the same tourist footage over and over in the production of their videos, Attlee PhotoVideo is inspired to provide fresh and exclusive video, audio and photos of the sights and sounds of each individual Honors Ceremony.  That commitment to excellence is what makes Attlee's work and artistry so personal and so treasured by her clients.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Brides: When Weather or Distance Block a Meeting

Attlee Weddings and Portraits is all set to do Skype video calls when the weather or your distance away makes it hard to meet with us in the Washington DC region.  What's a blizzard or a few hundred miles when your wedding memories are at stake?  Relax, we've got you covered!