Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tip for the Bride: Introduce your Vendor Team

When our recent New York City bride Stephanie Garbarino decided she wanted her vows on the Linden Terrace in Fort Tryon Park, New York, Attlee Weddings and Portraits visited the site in advance to plan the photography.  We found a charming spot for Stephanie's portrait but the problem was, with all the rain this past summer, it was a bit overgrown and home to some very large spider webs.  When we shared our vision with Fiori Bella Designs, the florist, they gallantly came to the rescue and immediately went in with broom and clippers to neaten up the area.  The result is this lovely portrait of Stephanie.  Our tip to brides and grooms:   make sure, as Stephanie did, to introduce your vendor team in advance.  When everyone works together you'll get the most beautiful memories!
Tracey Attlee is a professional DC and NYC wedding photographer with offices in Alexandria, VA and Spring Lake, NJ.  Fiori Bella Designs is in Freehold, NJ at 732-845-0008.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Attlee Offers Outdoor Portrait Special in Alexandria, VA

Former White House photographer Tracey Attlee is offering Mini Portrait Sessions outdoors this fall in Ben Brenman Park, Alexandria, VA.  The 15 minute sessions are $75 and include four wallet images and one 8x10.  This special offer will continue until Thanksgiving and is great for holiday gifts.  Attlee's popular digital pastel portraits all start from her original photographs.  "A Mini Portrait Session is a great way for clients to get that starting photograph that I can later use as inspiration for a digital pastel portrait." she says.

Tracey Attlee is a professional NY wedding photographer with offices in Alexandria, VA and Spring Lake, NJ.  Attlee Weddings and Portraits handles VA family, high school senior and business pictures, location baby, pet and DC business photos in addition to weddding and engagement work.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Underwood Typewriter Still Life Wins Attlee Honorable Mention

A still life photograph of an Underwood typewriter just won Tracey Attlee of Attlee Weddings and Portraits, Alexandria, VA, an Honorable Mention in this month's show at the Art League in Alexandria, VA. "Journalists and novelists lived by this tool," she says. "I thought of my father and my colleagues at the National Press Club and named the piece "Dream Maker."

Attlee Weddings and Portraits handles VA family and business pictures and location baby and DC business photos in addition to wedding and engagement work.  Tracey Attlee is a professional NY wedding photographer with offices in Alexandria, VA and Spring Lake, NJ.  Currently Tracey Attlee is offering a special on Mini Portrait Sessions of 15 minutes in Ben Brenman Park, Alexandria, VA for $75, including four wallet images and one 8x10.  This special offer will continue until Thanksgiving.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mini Portrait Sessions for Families, Seniors, Business and Pets in Alexandria, VA

Announcing: Mini Portrait Sessions with former White House photographer Tracey Attlee in Alexandria, VA at Ben Brenman Park. Perfect for family, high school senior, business, child and pet portraits in a natural setting. Fifteen minute session is $75 and includes four wallets and one 8x10. Appointments daily between 9 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. now through Thanksgiving. Call 703-751-1778 to schedule. Makes a wonderful holiday gift! We accept Visa, MasterCard and AMEX.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Color Harmony Rocks Senior Portraits

What fun we had with Jessica Ehret who chose the Jersey shore as the setting for her senior portrait.  Jessica selected a wardrobe of blues and whites for her location portrait on the beach.  Her colors harmonized well with the sky, sand and surf, and her fabulous blue eyes.

The colors you choose for an environmental portrait are so important.  They help direct the portrait viewer's eye to your face.  Select just two main colors so as not to confuse the viewer's eye.  Play off smaller touches of an accent color.  Jessica did this with yellow.

Tap into the power of color and you'll have a senior portrait that will please for generations.

Attlee Weddings and Portraits owner Tracey Attlee is a location senior portrait photographer in VA, DC, MD and NJ.  She specializes in photographing portraits and weddings from VA to NY on a full time basis.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Attlee Interviews with CBS News Business Network

Nell Minow of Bnet, the CBS Interactive Business Network, has just released a compelling article "How to Avoid Humiliatingly Awkward Business Portraits."  She asked a series of questions about our business portraiture approach and developed her article from our responses.  Thanks for your interesting article, Nell!  Read it in full here:;drawer-container

Tracey Attlee is known for her DC corporate photographs on location.  An Alexandria, Virginia commercial photographer who has photographed DC, VA and MD executive portraits for over 20 years, Tracey Attlee is a former White House photographer.  With a second office in Spring Lake, NJ, Tracey Attlee also photographs weddings from Virginia to New York on a full time basis.  Please visit for further wedding information.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Behind Military Honors Ceremonies at Arlington

Marines in winter at a full Honors ceremony, Arlington National Cemetery   -  Photo by Tracey Attlee

Anyone who professionally photographs full military Honors ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery will tell you it is among the hardest two hours of work a photographer can ever have, physically and emotionally. In fair weather, Arlington is a lovely nature preserve with impeccably tended gardens and grounds. But when icy winds howl as rain, hail or snow rage down from the skies Arlington becomes quite another place.  For the photographer, it becomes a fight just to work.  The first problem becomes keeping your electronic cameras dry. You've got to hold a golf umbrella over your digital cameras while you shoot so they don't short out.  Try that in gusting winds when its raining sideways.

Meanwhile, the military escorts, teams and firing parties have their own demons while making a beautiful, lasting tribute of each Honors ceremony. Once Navy personnel arrive in their gleaming whites they must stay on the grounds all day long. Yes, they have a bus, but that is their only refuge. No going back to the barracks to get dry or thaw out. Just stay on the bus and shiver until the next ceremony. And those sharp looking Marines? They have a bus too. And that is where they stay all day long in between ceremonies. Standing up! They even eat their lunch standing up. Yes, Marines are ordered to stand up all day long so their dress slacks and tops do not wrinkle. That's how they stay so sharp looking.  Freezing temperatures during the ceremony? Ear muffs might be nice but you'll never see them on a Marine. Impressed with the gleaming tack and shining coats of the horses in the Army Caissons? Army Caisson personnel arise every morning at 4:30 a.m. in order to groom the teams of horses then shine, polish and prepare tack, boots, hooves and uniforms for a day of Honors ceremonies.

This note is to say Thank You to all military personnel who make each Honors ceremony special, beautiful and unforgettable for grieving families.  Your sacrifice and efforts are noticed and appreciated!

Tracey Attlee is a professional No. Virginia corporate, wedding and portrait photographer.  Tracey Attlee is also a photographer of full Honors ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery and Columbia Gardens, Arlington, VA.   Tracey Attlee is recommended by Murphy Funeral Home, Arlington, VA, Columbia Gardens, Arlington, VA and Demaine Funeral Home, Alexandria, VA.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Coordinate Business Wardrobe for Photos

So often when we photograph groups for business or family the question is "What should we wear?"  Tracey Attlee of Attlee Photography suggests wearing combinations of up to three colors but no more. 

Color harmony in group portraits matters!  It attracts the viewer's eye and keeping it moving through the image.  If one person has stripes and one person has plaid and someone else is covered in polka dots what is created is "visual confusion".  The viewer's eye is confused and distracted by too many patterns and colors.  In that situation the faces of the people in the composition become secondary and the whole point of the group shot is lost.

For business, the best way to solve this issue is to bring a few wardrobe choices for the photographer to see.  Gentlemen, this includes bringing several neckties to select from.  Ladies, bring an extra suit and blouse or two.

Congratulations to the executives at TRINITY Group Construction for doing all the above and looking sharp for their recent executive group shot.  TRINITY was founded in 2002 and has become one of the top commercial construction companies in the DC region. 

Tracey Attlee is a former White House photographer.  As a DC business photographer Tracey Attlee specializes in DC, MD and VA executive portraits on location

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Try Executive Portraits on Location

Attlee Photography salutes TRINITY Group Construction in Herndon, VA who recently commissioned us for environmental portraits on location. They opted for portraits in and around their corporate headquarters rather than on a backdrop. 

Susan Caudle, the dynamic new marketing director at TRINITY Group Construction, helped us plan and shoot with clear requests and great ideas.

Successful environmental portraits require creativity, skill in balancing light sources and good planning.  Our solution was to scout the interior in advance, plan several locations for portraits and then build shooting stations at each of three locations.  That way we had the lights ready and waiting at each stop and could photograph and return the busy executives back to their offices quickly. 

Attlee Photography's tip to companies thinking of environmental portraits:  have the photographer in for a consultation before the shoot.  That way they will be visually prepared for your space and know exactly what equipment to bring on the shoot day.  And, they can help settle wardrobe questions so your executives will know what to wear.

Tracey Attlee is a former White House photographer whose commercial work as a VA, DC and MD corporate photographer includes executive portraits and high level events.  If you need a DC, MD or VA commercial photographer Attlee Photography is located in Alexandria, VA at 703-751-1778.  Her social photography as a DC, VA, MD, NY and Jersey wedding photographer is also highly regarded throughout the region.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Make Time for Creativity in Bridal Photos

Photographers are used to thinking quickly on their feet but if you give them a little time to use their creativity you'll be amazed with the backgrounds, light and compositions they see.  Why not leave a few minutes in the schedule just for creative shots? 

While waiting for her ceremony to begin and again before departing for her reception, our recent Washington DC bride Melissa Kuba did just this. "Take whatever shots you want, " she said, giving Todd and me the green light to use our cameras with imagination.  We came up with this lovely bridal portrait of Melissa and the beautiful image of the wind in her veil as her new husband kissed her on the steps of St. Matthew's Cathedral. All because Melissa gave us a little extra time to work.

Wedding days speed by. Every moment of them is precious. Empower your photographers with time to think and create.  Oh how they'll surprise you with what they see if you'll just give them the chance.

Attlee Weddings and Portraits has offices in Spring Lake, New Jersey for brides needing a local NY or Jersey wedding photographer. We're also in Alexandria, Virginia for brides needing a good wedding photographer in VA, MD, DC, PA and DE! Please call us at 703-751-1778 to let us know your wedding details and wishes. We'll be happy to create beautiful memories just for you.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Attlee Wins International Award, Again

Attlee Weddings and Portraits, owned by Tracey Attlee, Alexandria, VA and Spring Lake, N.J., has just been chosen to receive the Bride's Choice Awards 2011. The award recognizes the top 5 percent of wedding photographers throughout the U.S. and Canada determined by recent reviews and extensive surveys from over 750,000 newlyweds. The award is presented by a network of leading wedding planning sites including Martha Stewart Weddings, Weddingbee, Project Wedding and Wedding Wire. Attlee Weddings and Portraits offers services from Washington, D.C. to New York and is on the web at For corporate portraits and head shots services please visit

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Props Add Fun to Engagement Sessions

Engagement portrait sessions are an opportunity to have fun together. Choose a setting such as your favorite park, beach, garden, DC monument, waterfront or urban setting. Walk the dogs, lounge in a field of flowers, tell jokes and whisper sweet nothings to each other. You'll forget the camera is there and your faces will have great natural expression.
Jen Vassil and Craig Knouse brought a picnic basket, flowers, popcorn, toasting glasses, something bubbly, even funny hats and glasses to their recent engagement portrait session in Washington, D.C. With a few simple props they created an imaginative expression of how they enjoy life together. So, here's a tip from Attlee Weddings and Portraits: bring a few props to your engagement session and have fun being yourselves!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Take Time for Your Portrait on your Wedding Day

Although many brides plan their wedding day activities a full year in advance, the actual wedding day just flies by. Here's a tip: getting ready may take longer than you think so don't forget to build in extra time for your own bridal portrait! All that effort you've put into selecting your gown, veil, hairstyle, accessories and makeup needs to be translated into a graceful, unforgettable portrait. Make time for it on the wedding day and you'll have a beautiful memory for your family and yourself to enjoy for years.

Our lovely bride Lori Rulapaugh did one thorough job of planning her wedding day memories, right down to a computerized checklist of the groups and individuals she wanted photographed at her Alexandria, Virginia wedding. It made her day a pleasure to photograph because she planned her time carefully. Now she has memories for a lifetime, including this portrait of herself which will be in the program for the Mrs. Virginia America Pageant, February 5! Lori has been selected Mrs. Greater Alexandria, Virginia, and now goes on to vie for the title of Mrs. Virginia. Attlee Weddings and Portraits wishes her every success!