Thursday, April 1, 2010

Florist's Secret to Pinning the Boutonniere

Kevin Canfield, owner of K Aubrey Flowers in Alexandria, VA, has the best method of pinning on a gentleman's boutonniere we know at Attlee Weddings and Portraits. Not only does it secure the boutonniere very firmly but it hides the sharp end of the pin. Kevin's tips are as follows:

Center the boutonniere on the gentleman's left lapel so both are parallel. Hold boutonniere with left hand and pin with right hand. (1)

Gather fabric of lapel and push pin through lapel and through stem of boutonniere. Go through two layers of fabric, the lapel and the jacket front. That is Kevin's secret for pinning the boutonniere securely. Illustration shows pin on the underside of the jacket front. (2)

Weave the pin from the inside of the jacket out to the lapel. For safety, tuck the tip of the pin into the fabric of the lapel. Notice in the illustration, only the pearl end of the pin is visible from the front. (3) "This gives a sophisticated, finished look," Kevin says, "And, with the pin tip hidden, you won't hurt someone when you hug them."

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