Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Want the Best Head Shot Photos in DC?

This corporate hallway provided us with great space for location business photos in Maryland.

Business owners, have you really thought about how to make your executives happy?  One way is to commission an experienced photographer to take flattering business portraits of your people. 
No one wants to live with a business portrait that embarrasses them. And yet so many have told us just that.  It ranges from "I hated my portrait at the other firm where they made us look at the camera deadpan without any smile."  "Tracey your portraits are vastly better than what we had previously."  "Tracey this is the best picture of myself I have ever had.  You really know what you are doing."
What's our secret?  Thirty years behind the lens for one.  Next is good lighting that we customize for each shape of face so it sculpts and flatters.  Third is attitude.  We are there to make you a portrait that will define your reputation as a business person and bring you success.  We'll show you how to make it great. 
You'll see your pictures right away while we are onsite with you because our camera is tethered to a laptop.  We'll help you review the proofs and choose the best image for publication.  Then Tracey will personally hand retouch your portrait back in her studio and email it to you for approval. 
For DC location business photos with multiple executives needing individual portraits we arrive 1.5 hours in advance to set up and test our camera, lighting and backdrop.  Most firms put us in a conference room or unused space.
We suggest scheduling one portrait every half hour so we have plenty of time to photograph each person, show them the results, reshoot as necessary and help them choose their favorite one.
"You make it so easy Tracey," is what we often hear.  You'll see we have a selection of combs, hair spray, face powder, blotting tissues, even a hand mirror set out for your comfort and a last minute check of your look before and during the photo session.
Attlee PhotoVideo photographs executives on location at your place of business or by appointment in our studio.
Please call Tracey Attlee PhotoVideo in Alexandria, VA today at 703-751-1778 to schedule your employees for a portrait they will be proud of. 
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