Sunday, November 8, 2020

NBC15 Features Veteran's Day Story with Arlington Honors Photos by Tracey Attlee


Tracey Attlee filming Honors in Arlington National Cemetery
    Photo by Todd A. Smith

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has an ongoing project to help enhance the identification and recovery of remains of our missing military members from overseas wars to bring them home. 

NBC15 of Madison aired a story about this program on November 11, 2020, Veteran’s Day, at 10:00 p.m. CST. at this link:

Their story is an interview with our client Col. Frank Fazekas whose father was a downed American pilot during WWII.  Col. Fazekas’ father’s remains were recovered in France, brought back to the United States and finally laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery.

Attlee Photo Video covered this solemn Full Honors Ceremony for the Fazekas family. 

“What great photos, Tracey” says NBC15 news anchor John Stofflet, who interviewed Col. Fazekas for the story and requested over a dozen of our photographs for the visuals of the broadcast.

We are proud to have made these memories for the Fazekas family and to support all those involved in the UW-Madison MIA program, whose efforts are so gratefully appreciated by so many grieving families across the nation.

AttleePhoto Video, Alexandria, VA is a military family providing photo and video coverage of military Honors Ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery for the past 20 years.