Friday, December 28, 2012

Military Honors, Retirement Ceremonies by Attlee Photography

What a way to close our year of photography with this surprise note from a treasured client:

"The photographs of our father's burial at Arlington National Cemetery are simply incredible.   My family was blown away how you captured the most important moments as well as shots we would never have thought of.  We never knew you were there but the pictures are so up close and personal.  You and your husband clearly have a knowledge and respect for this most important military honor.   Thanks so much for capturing these memories, being so professional and truly great to work with." (John Molli, director, Wells Fargo Bank) 

Tracey Attlee of Attlee Weddings and Portraits is highly recommended by Joseph Gawler's Sons, Inc., Washington, DC;  Murphy Funeral Home, Arlington, VA; Columbia Gardens, Arlington, VA; Funeral Choices of Chantilly, VA and Demaine Funeral Home, Alexandria, VA for professional full military Honors photos at Arlington National Cemetery, Columbia Gardens, Quantico National Cemetery and elsewhere in the Washington, DC region. For further information please read here:

Tracey Attlee often photographs Honors Ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery with her husband, professional photographer Todd A. Smith, who is USMC retired.  Attlee Weddings and Portraits, based in Alexandria, VA, also photographs Navy, Marine, Army and Air Force military retirement ceremonies in DC, VA and MD in addition to weddings, family and corporate portraits.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

No. VA Wedding and Ft. Belvoir Reception Photographs by Tracey Attlee

Congratulations to our latest Northern Virginia bride and groom Meg and Jeremy!  Grace Episcopal Church, a historic stone structure in Alexandria, VA made a beautiful backdrop for photography of Meg wearing her own mother's sweeping lace wedding mantilla.  Meg and Jeremy's was a picture perfect October wedding day, complete with romantic photographs of the couple by the Potomac River at sunset behind Ft. Belvoir Officers Club.  Expressive roses and orchids designed by Mike Lucas and his team at Brookhill Event Florals figured in the bridal bouquets and centerpieces at the couple's Ft. Belvoir, Mt. Vernon Ballroom reception.  Brian Jones of MyDeejay provided plenty of mood with music for cocktails and dancing throughout the night.

For a sneak peek at some of Attlee Weddings and Portraits favorite photographs from Meg and Jeremy's Northern Virginia wedding and reception at Ft. Belvoir, have a look here:  Meg and Jeremy

Tracey Attlee of Attlee Weddings and Portraits is a No. VA wedding photographer and former White House photographer known for good quality work and attentive service to each wedding couple.  Attlee has photographed DC, VA, MD and DE weddings for over 20 years and has a second office on the Jersey shore for NJ, PA and NY weddings.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Tip for the Bride on Veil Placement

In the 25 years Attlee Weddings and Portraits has photographed DC and NY brides we’ve seen enough wedding horror stories to write a book. While we are sworn to secrecy, here is one we will tell: the continuing saga of the misplaced bridal veil. Set too high it falls into the bride’s eyes, too low and it falls off of her shoulders, set incorrectly and it takes on curious angles, dangles, sags and tumbles. In a stiff breeze a misplaced veil can blow off into the branches of a nearby tree! Save the inelegance and consider this advice from experts:

Pamela Vito and her mother Hannelore own the Alexandria, VA bridal shop Hannelore’s, an Old Town institution for the past 28 years. “We recommend our brides leave inserting the veil to their hairdresser. The veil comb is curved to follow the top of the bride’s head, the crown. The veil should be placed high above the mass of the hairdo so it floats down over the bride’s shoulders. Never put the veil below the mass of the hairdo or it will simply follow behind the bride like a tail. The veil is meant to circle around the bride’s shoulders, to hang evenly in front of her. If the bride plans not to wear her veil during the reception we recommend she place a hair ornament, a back piece, just above her hair mass to complement her dress in the back and keep a finished look when she removes the veil for her reception.”

Our photographs below will illustrate Hannelore's major points:  set the hair piece above the mass of the hairdo, set the veil comb at the crown of the bride's head, see the veil encircle the bride's shoulders.  One additional tip is to secure the comb of the veil at the crown.  We've seen some hairdressers secure the veil comb with cross placed bobby pins.  Others make a small ponytail with a little rubber band and secure the comb into that at the crown, the theory being the rubber band will stay in place and not slip.  Again, as Hannelore's recommends, leave this to your professional hairdresser.

Hannelore’s of Old Town is on 106 North Lee Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 Tel: (703) 549-0387
Attlee Weddings and Portraits thanks our above model Margot Locker, Ines DiSanto for her gown “Collette”, Erin Cole for this veil “Sparkle” and Hannelore and Pamela Vito of Hannelore’s.
Tracey Attlee has photographed brides and weddings from northern Virginia and DC to Philadelphia and New York for 25 years and is a former White House photographer in Alexandria, Virginia. Attlee's wedding photography is on the web site

Friday, September 28, 2012

Works of Art by DC Photographers Todd A. Smith and Tracey Attlee

Elevating a documentary photograph to the level of a work of art is a dream for any photographer and their client.  That is the goal when Attlee Weddings and Portraits photographs a wedding.  Have a look at this night shot of DC, a panorama taken by professional architectural photographer Todd A. Smith. He could have shot it at high noon or any time that was convenient for him.  But instead, he waited out the August heat until just the right time for this composition he planned for his client. He says he made it from a series of seven separate exposures he shot that evening. His client says "Awesome!"

Todd A. Smith is husband and second shooter of weddings photographed by Tracey Attlee, a DC wedding photographer based in Alexandria, Virginia.  Tracey Attlee of Attlee Weddings and Portraits and Todd A. Smith are both formerly White House cleared professional photographers known for good wedding photography throughout Fairfax Station, Potomac, Bethesda, Great Falls, Chevy Chase and other DC metro area locations as well as Baltimore, Philadelphia, NJ and NYC.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tip: Go for Tone in Family Portrait Wardrobe

Here are some tips from Attlee Weddings and Portraits for Moms planning the family wardrobe for an upcoming portrait session.  Its not so much about matching colors that makes a good looking portrait; its all about tone.  When you get past selecting two main colors that harmonize with your intended portrait session background, go ahead and vary the tones in the colors a bit.  You don't all have to be wearing the same thing!  But the tones, meaning the relative lightness and darkness of the colors, are what need to be in sync.  You want the viewer's eye to go to each person equally and not key on one person whose clothing is very light or very dark compared to the others.

In the above example, my client Cindy decided to dress her family in combinations of neutrals and blue, a perfect choice for a summer portrait by the blue sea on the beige sand.  Cindy selected a cute dress from the Jones New York, Jessica Simpson line for herself.  She balanced that by dressing her husband and son in blue shirts and khaki shorts, but notice how she varied the tones of the colors of their shirts and shorts while staying within her selected color palette.  Cindy topped off the wardrobe color harmony by accessorizing herself in a necklace that again plays off the main colors she selected for the session, blue and beige.  Take a lesson from Cindy for your next family portrait!  In fact, see a "sneak peek" of her family portrait session here:

Tracey Attlee of Alexandria, VA and Spring Lake, NJ is a former White House photographer who specializes in weddings and good quality portraits of families, high school seniors and executives.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Attlee Makes Cover

We have just received word from the publisher that the new special events brochure for The Breakers Hotel on the Ocean in Spring Lake, NJ is printed and features the work of Attlee Weddings and Portraits on the interior and the back cover! Thank you to all our Jersey shore brides for allowing us to submit photographs from their beach weddings for consideration.

If you need a good wedding photographer in New Jersey or NYC, Tracey Attlee grew up in Spring Lake and has photographed weddings from Virginia to New York for 20 years.  If you need a good wedding photographer in DC or VA, Tracey Attlee, a former White House photographer, resides in Alexandria, VA.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tip for Brides: Develop a Shot List

Your wedding day is a major event in your life, so why not plan for as many memories as you can? When Attlee Weddings and Portraits photographed Laura and Dave's Jersey shore wedding in Spring Lake, we knew exactly what to do and when because we had a good shot list to go by. We got in every shot the bride wanted because we channeled her requests into a written shot list and got her approval on the timeline and locations.  In the months preceding her wedding, Laura worked with us to develop a checklist of the groups, individuals and shots she wanted.  Then we went to work finding the correct angles, locations and lighting strategies to set off every photograph she wanted.  She was fashionable, loved color and creativity, and made time for us to use our talent and imagination for her.  Laura has a treasure of beautiful memories and interesting compositions because she planned carefully for her wedding day photography.  The highlights of her New Jersey beach wedding are here:   Laura and Dave: A Jersey Shore Wedding

Tracey Attlee is a former White House photographer who photographs weddings from Virginia and DC to New Jersey and New York.  She grew up in Spring Lake, New Jersey and learned everything she knows about reading the wind and light on the Jersey beaches from her father.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Want Good Candids? DON'T Look at the Camera!

How do you feel when a camera is pointing at you?  A little uncomfortable perhaps?  Not to worry.  The best candid photographs happen when the subject is unaware of the camera, so don't pressure yourself into thinking you've got to paste a smile on your face whenever the camera is near.  Instead, relax and enjoy the company of the people around you.  Attlee Weddings and Portraits suggests brides not look at the camera unless they're in a group shot with family and Mom wants to see every face.  Looking at the camera would have diminished the romance of these sample photographs from Joanne and Matt's lovely wedding at Congressional Country Club.  Instead we see them truly enjoying their wedding day, interacting with each other and dancing with their families.  That's our tip on how to make wedding memories for a lifetime:  interact with everyone but the camera!

Tracey Attlee is an award-winning professional DC, MD, VA, NJ and NY wedding and portrait photographer with previous White House service.  Tracey Attlee phographs weddings from Virginia to New York on a fulltime basis.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Attlee Recommended by Joseph Gawler's Sons

Attlee Weddings and Portraits Photography is delighted to receive the warm endorsement of Joseph Gawler's Sons, the "funeral home to the presidents" for our Honors Ceremony photography at Arlington National Cemetery and elsewhere. "We're proud to recommend Attlee Photography" says Gawler's on their Facebook business page.

Founded in 1850, Joseph Gawler’s Sons is a prestigious funeral home that has a rich history of serving the local Washington, DC metro area as well as presidents, dignitaries, diplomats, military heroes and celebrities.

"We thank Gawler's for their support and for the opportunity to serve military and other distinguished families with our photography," says Tracey Attlee.  "My professional photographer husband Todd A. Smith is USMC retired so we work together to photograph military Honors Ceremonies.  My father was combat wounded Navy in World War II and my uncle, also Navy WWII, was KIA.  Todd's father was a U.S. Marine.  Honors Ceremony photography is special to us."

Tracey Attlee of Attlee Wedding and Portrait Photography is a professional wedding and corporate business photographer in Alexandria, VA serving DC, VA, MD, NJ and NY.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

On Photographing a President: Plan, Plan, Plan

Patrick F. Minan portrait by Tracey Attlee of Attlee Photography

Patrick F. Minan is the most recent president Attlee Photography has had the honor of photographing.  Tracey Attlee, a former White House photographer, was entrusted to make an official portrait of Mr. Minan who recently served as president of prestigious Washington Golf and Country Club in Arlington, VA. The black and white portrait will be on permanent display at the Club.

"Mr. Minan was a pleasure to photograph because he is decisive and prompt," says Tracey Attlee.  "He agreed to a consultation in advance of his portrait which gave us time together to plan everything from his choice of backdrop to his wardrobe to logistics of how and where we would handle the location executive portrait shoot," she says. 

"On the day of the assignment Mr. Minan was ready the second we arrived. We knew just where to set up our lighting because we had a strategy in place from his choices the week before.  It could not have gone more smoothly and we had great shots to show him in fifteen minutes.  In fact, the portrait he ultimately selected is the first one I shot!  He nailed a great pose and expression on the very first frame."

VA corporate photographer Tracey Attlee of Alexandria, VA and Spring Lake, NJ specializes in DC, MD, NJ, NY and VA corporate photographs and business photography including annual reports, professional head shots and executive portraits.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Attlee Recommended by DC's Key Bridge Marriott

Last night Attlee Weddings and Portraits was the featured photographer at a special evening for brides at DC's Key Bridge Marriott.  The Capitol View ballroom on the rooftop was decorated with tables showing the latest combinations of linens and florals to give brides an idea of popular colors and styles.  The guests enjoyed multiple courses of signature food including rack of lamb and salad with grilled peaches and blue cheese. 

The DC view for New York bride Melissa Kuba's guests at the Key Bridge Marriott -  Photo by Tracey Attlee

The Capitol View Ballroom has windows on three sides from floor to ceiling.  Guests can see from Georgetown all the way down the Potomac to the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, the U.S. Capitol and beyond. And at night these structures are lit, making them especially impressive for the out of town guests.

Tracey Attlee of Attlee Weddings and Portraits is recommended by the Key Bridge Marriott as a local, good DC wedding photographer.  An award-winning professional DC, MD, VA, NJ and NY wedding and portrait photographer with previous White House service, Tracey Attlee has photographed weddings for over 20 years.  Whether your choice is arty or classic wedding photographs Tracey Attlee is available to brides from Virginia to New York.  Her work is seen in bridal magazines and art galleries throughout the mid-Atlantic.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Seasonal Engagement Portraits Add Charm

When planning your engagement portrait session think seasonal for exterior photographs.  Its a great way to add romance and personality to your portraits!  This fall our clients Emily and Mike took advantage of the golden light of autumn in their favorite park in Great Falls,Virginia.  The couple enjoy walks and hikes here so it was an excellent, meaningful location for them.  What added to the success of their session was the thought they put into wardrobe.  They wore colors that harmonized with the backgrounds and they wore long sleeves.  Long sleeves are so important--they help keep the viewer's eye on the faces in a portrait.  Later, when we custom designed their Save the Date magnets, Emily and Mike's careful session planning and color harmony all came together to make a great result.  Take a tip from Emily and Mike when you plan your engagement portrait session!

Tracey Attlee of Attlee Weddings and Portraits is an award-winning professional DC, MD, VA, NJ and NY wedding and portrait photographer with previous White House service.  Whether your choice is good, arty or classic wedding photographs Tracey Attlee is available to brides from Virginia to New York.  Her work is seen in bridal magazines and art galleries throughout the mid-Atlantic.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tip for the Bride on Makeup

What makeup photographs best on brides?  In Attlee Weddings and Portraits 20 years behind the camera it is makeup that looks natural and is professionally applied.  Even if you're not a lover of makeup, you'll want extra sparkle in your eyes and a finished look on your face and lips on your wedding day.  The best way to get this is to go to a professional who will analyze your skin tones, hair and eye colors and select good quality, long lasting makeup that will enhance you in photographs and in the eyes of your groom and guests.

When Attlee Weddings and Portraits photographed New York City bride Stephanie Garbarino this fall, Rachel Weissman was her choice of New York makeup artists. 

Ms. Weissman said she applies classic art principles of the color wheel when considering what colors will make eyes pop.  "I looked closely at the color of Stephanie's eyes and skin tone and paid close attention to what she wanted.  I brought her vision to life by choosing colors that complimented her as an individual."

Ms. Weissman says she needs about an hour on the wedding day to work her magic and comes prepared with all types of brushes and many different palettes for neutral looks, daytime looks and dramatic looks.  "Some clients need hydration while other clients need oil control," says Ms. Weissman.  "I have gorgeous pigments that add an extra bit of "wow" to a look, even a very natural look."

New York City bride Stephanie Garbarino Treanor by makeup artist Rachel Weissman

New York makeup artist Rachel Weissman can be reached at 917-280-1277 and online at

Tracey Attlee of Attlee Weddings and Portraits is an award-winning professional DC, MD, VA, NJ and NY wedding and portrait photographer with previous White House service.  Whether your choice is good, arty or classic wedding photographs Tracey Attlee has pleased brides from Virginia to New York  for over 20 years.