Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Business Portrait Tip: Let the Lens Guide You

Newly hired DC lawyer's portrait for Brustein Manasevit by Tracey Attlee

If you’re planning an upcoming executive portrait in your DC or VA law firm here is a business head shot tip of reassurance from best No VA corporate head shot photographer Tracey Attlee of Alexandria:  “Since you need to place your hands, feet, body and face in relation to the lens, not in relation to how it feels, it will be a bit strange at first.  But when you look at the proofs you’ll be amazed how subtle changes make such a difference in portrait photography!”
“We photograph interior business portraits with our camera tethered to a laptop.  This gives us instant feedback on how the pose is coming along and how best to tweak our lighting for the face and body shape we are photographing,” says Tracey Attlee.  “Shooting tethered enables us to show our subject their proofs right away.  Then they can see what happens when they make the tiniest tilt of their head or shoulders.  It quickly teaches people to trust our suggestions and then we are on our way to creating an excellent portrait they’ll be proud to display.”
Tracey Attlee is a top location and studio business portrait head shot photographer in Alexandria, VA with over 25 years of experience behind the lens and previous White House clearance.  She hand retouches and finishes business portraits in a week, then delivers the finished work electronically, all ready to use.  (O) 703-751-1778 
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