Friday, May 18, 2012

Want Good Candids? DON'T Look at the Camera!

How do you feel when a camera is pointing at you?  A little uncomfortable perhaps?  Not to worry.  The best candid photographs happen when the subject is unaware of the camera, so don't pressure yourself into thinking you've got to paste a smile on your face whenever the camera is near.  Instead, relax and enjoy the company of the people around you.  Attlee Weddings and Portraits suggests brides not look at the camera unless they're in a group shot with family and Mom wants to see every face.  Looking at the camera would have diminished the romance of these sample photographs from Joanne and Matt's lovely wedding at Congressional Country Club.  Instead we see them truly enjoying their wedding day, interacting with each other and dancing with their families.  That's our tip on how to make wedding memories for a lifetime:  interact with everyone but the camera!

Tracey Attlee is an award-winning professional DC, MD, VA, NJ and NY wedding and portrait photographer with previous White House service.  Tracey Attlee phographs weddings from Virginia to New York on a fulltime basis.