Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tip for Brides: Coping with Rain

The pitter-patter of falling raindrops may be a comfort when drifting off to sleep, but when the rains come tumbling down on your wedding day here's how to cope:

It all goes back to advance planning. Well before the wedding day you'll need to establish where and when to have couple, family and wedding party group shots taken in the event of rain. Does your reception venue have an extra room you could use for photography before the cocktail hour begins? Find out. How long can you stay in the synagogue or church after the ceremony? Find out. Then, you and your wedding photographer can come up with a rainy day plan.

In addition, make sure to purchase a set of golf umbrellas. Their large spread is just what you want to keep your gown dry. What color to choose? A solid. Purchase them all in the same solid color. This will keep the viewer's eye on the faces in the pictures. That's what you want. Umbrellas with patterns compete for attention. So do umbrellas in a variety of colors. The simplest approach is to select one basic solid color umbrella that best matches the wedding attire of the bridal party.

By planning in advance and stocking up on golf umbrellas you'll keep a smile on your face no matter what the weather on your wedding day. And, you'll have a ready supply of golf umbrellas to give as wedding party gifts! Please visit our website for further information and to discuss your upcoming wedding!