Friday, September 17, 2010

Tip for Bridal Couples: Take Time to Play!

How you look in your wedding photographs will be with you and your family through the ages. So why not build a photo schedule with some great opportunities to look your best? One strategy is to make sure you have planned a little time together just to play. Work with your photographer to decide where and when. Time it so you'll be together without any other obligations.

We love spending ten minutes with the bride and groom at a special location we've selected in advance. We encourage them to laugh and look into each other's eyes. Then we go to work with our cameras to show how they relate to each other. Its always special and the pictures sing with personality and romance.

My tip this time is give yourselves a break to be together and let your photographers make the best of it for you. You'll enjoy the memories for years to come!

Tracey Attlee is a wedding photographer in VA with a second office on the Jersey shore in Spring Lake. She has professionally photographed weddings for over 20 years throughout VA, DC, MD, DE, NJ and NY.