Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Color Harmony Rocks Senior Portraits

What fun we had with Jessica Ehret who chose the Jersey shore as the setting for her senior portrait.  Jessica selected a wardrobe of blues and whites for her location portrait on the beach.  Her colors harmonized well with the sky, sand and surf, and her fabulous blue eyes.

The colors you choose for an environmental portrait are so important.  They help direct the portrait viewer's eye to your face.  Select just two main colors so as not to confuse the viewer's eye.  Play off smaller touches of an accent color.  Jessica did this with yellow.

Tap into the power of color and you'll have a senior portrait that will please for generations.

Attlee Weddings and Portraits owner Tracey Attlee is a location senior portrait photographer in VA, DC, MD and NJ.  She specializes in photographing portraits and weddings from VA to NY on a full time basis.