Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Props Make a Great DC Head Shot Portrait

DC architect Robert Nichols - Photo by Tracey Attlee

When Robert Nichols an award-winning DC architect recently came in for a studio portrait session he arrived prepared.  Not only was his wardrobe, a neatly pressed shirt and suit, selected to set off his summer skin tones but he brought props to tell the story about his life as an architect: a scale model of his latest custom home design, plans and equipment he uses on the job.
Todd A. Smith created a lighting strategy that complimented the subject and revealed detail in the whites of his scale model and plans.  Lighting white for detail is not an easy thing to do but Todd has many years of experience lighting architecture.  Thank you Todd @toddasmithphoto
We experimented with different backdrop colors to find the best for publication. His portrait will be published and marketed widely owing to his recent award.  We liked the contrast of his hair and skin tones on this pearl gray backdrop the most.
For the best head shot photos in DC please call Tracey Attlee for location business portraits at your DC, MD or VA facility or to make an appointment for a session in our spacious Alexandria, VA studio with plenty of free parking.  We have over 30 years experience behind the lens and offer customized lighting just for your particular face and figure.  Tracey Attlee Portraits will help you put the best face on your business!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Behind the Scenes of a DC Business Portrait Session

DC Business Portrait Session Setup, photo by Tracey Attlee

Walking on the set of a business portrait session in a professional studio for the first time?  Here's what ours looks like.  
In this picture we're getting set up for a Washington DC architect's portrait session in our studio today.  We arrived an hour early to be sure to get everything settled and tested so when the executive arrives we are ready to go.  
We like to shoot with the camera tethered to a laptop in the studio.  That way our business person can see their pictures right away.  It feels a lot more relaxing and pretty soon we're all having fun and the pictures just get better and better.
Thank you Todd A. Smith for assisting with lighting and helping Tracey Attlee Portraits earn recommendations for top location business photos in DC!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Take Time for Art on your Wedding Day!

This intimate moment between newlyweds Kristin and Nick came about in the few minutes after the family and Wedding Party group shots at their Virginia wedding.  The couple invited us to use our imagination on a few shots before the reception and this is one of the results.
Our tip to brides: allow a minimum of 45 minutes for the group photography of both families, yourselves and the wedding party, then add in a few more for art.
Time passes so quickly on your wedding day.  If you organize your time the way these two Army officers did you'll have beautiful memories like these and the best wedding photography in DC to enjoy for a lifetime!
Tracey Attlee of Alexandria, VA has photographed military and civilian weddings for 30 years between DC and her original hometown of Spring Lake, New Jersey and is a recommended wedding photographer in DC private clubs Chevy Chase, Columbia, Congressional, Cosmos, Kenwood, Metropolitan Sulgrave and Virginia's military Ft. Myer, Army Navy Country Club, Ft. Belvoir and the Clubs at Quantico.