Friday, September 14, 2018

Ideas for Best Head Shot Portraits in DC

Corporate business photos in DC are generally shot on one solid color backdrop.  It makes publication on the company website easiest by adding uniformity to a page full of executive portraits showcasing current staffers.

The challenge of only one color of backdrop necessitates hiring a photographer who knows how to light.  Why?  Think of what will happen if the person's hair color matches the background.  Someone with dark hair is going to melt into a dark backdrop unless the photographer adds accent lighting to the hair and shoulders of the subject to create a sense of distance between the person and the background.

Start with good lighting and then if there is session time and you are game for variations why not try your portrait on an environmental or natural background that contrasts with your hair color?  Add in a few props that describe what you do and how you look on the job and you'll have a modern portrait with some of the best head shot photos in DC.

Here is a recent portrait by Tracey Attlee of Angelique Jackson, the CEO of Jancik Arts International, Inc. Atlanta, GA and Ocala, Fla.  Ms. Jackson is an internationally acclaimed artist who for the past 38 years has designed stained glass ceiling domes for cruise ships and luxury hotels across the globe.  Since she is an expert in structural drafting who also designs in wood and metal we thought a natural background would be great for her business portraits.  The wood contrasts well with her hair which we lit for definition.  Then we added a few props including her favorite purple pen and here is what she looks like on a typical day of work.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Top DC Real Estate Videos

It's all in the smooth panning!  DC luxury real estate videographer Todd A. Smith at work.

Have a DC area luxury property for sale?  Consider using a professional real estate video walkthrough of your property to help you get the word out fast, generate trust and attract attention!

Statistics show 60% of people retain more information when shown how to do something.  So why not entice them with a professionally filmed video walkthrough of your DC luxury property?

What does a video walkthrough look like?  For inspiration, take a look at this high resolution 1080p DC luxury real estate video walkthrough we just shot and produced for Kathy LoGuidice Fong of Shepard Fong/Keller Williams Luxury:

You'll see it displays cinematic videography plus a voiceover of the realtor, explaining the features of the property.  This works fine for a long, high resolution version of the video that you can link to your website and your Zillow site.  

We also make a shorter version of real estate video walkthroughs that are optimized for social media.  Your social media video will have a total run time 59 seconds or less so it can have a brief introduction with the realtor's voice if you request it with background music for the duration.

Both are popular, effective ways to market luxury properties and you can get them from us, veteran architectural photographer/videographer Todd A. Smith and me, his trusty second videographer and post producer Tracey Attlee!  We have a combined 30 years behind the lens and always work as a team so clients always have two pairs of expert, professional photo video eyes on their DC, NoVA, MD luxury real estate properties.

Call us today on Todd's office line 703-751-1688 to schedule your next cinematic real estate video walkthrough.  The first scout is free and we will meet you at your property to discuss your wishes and help you find the best, most effective filming angles.