Saturday, May 16, 2015

New Fine Art Slide Shows by Tracey Attlee for Military Honors Ceremonies at Arlington Cemetery

Former White House photographer Tracey Attlee produces fine art slide shows that are rapidly becoming a popular new alternative to video for Army, Navy, USMC and USAF Full Honors Ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery.  

Far less expensive than video, Attlee Photography fine art slide shows feature their hand retouched photographs with their own freshly recorded audio from each particular military Honors Ceremony at Arlington Cemetery they cover.  

Here is a You Tube sample of Attlee Photography's new fine art slide show made from military Honors ceremonies in all four seasons, in snow and rain, with all four branches of service: 

When Attlee Photography makes a fine art slide show for a client, the photographs and audio are exclusively theirs, made from one complete military Honors Ceremony at Arlington Cemetery at a time. 

Artistic, economical, high quality fine art slide shows made from the unique sights and sounds of each particular Honors Ceremony at Arlington Cemetery, produced and delivered just three weeks after the Ceremony with pride and thanks from Tracey Attlee of Attlee Photography, Alexandria, VA.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

DC Location Family Portraits by Tracey Attlee

Photographing this brother and sister on location in a historic Maryland park was a delightful spring afternoon adventure for Attlee Weddings and Portraits.  Willing, well dressed models Anna and David made this session great because they came prepared with creative ideas, a good selection of wardrobe and a fun sense of humor to match.

Since David was to leave in a few days for his next chapter in life, Navy Boot Camp, their mother wanted a nice memory of the children together.

We thought it would be extra meaningful for Mom if we recorded her children's voices and incorporated them into this surprise sneak peek 
Happy early Mother's Day to you Karen!
DC location family portrait of Anna and David Cucurullo by Tracey Attlee
Anna and David Cucurullo by Tracey Attlee
Tracey Attlee is a former White House photographer whose business Attlee Weddings and Portraits in Alexandria, VA has covered DC location family portraits and weddings for over 20 years and is recommended by Washington's finest private clubs including Congressional, Sulgrave, Cosmos, Metropolitan, Kenwood, Army Navy Country Club and Chevy Chase Club.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

DC, No VA Newborn Baby Portrait Tips for Moms by Tracey Attlee

Good DC and No VA newborn portraits start with a sleepy baby.  Photo by Tracey Attlee

What could make a nicer family memory than good quality photographs celebrating the arrival of your new baby?  

No VA newborn baby photographer Tracey Attlee knows its common for newborns to behave differently each day and offers these suggestions for how to get the best set of portraits of your newborn on shoot day:

1.  Feed your newborn 45 minutes before photography to allow time for 20 minutes of digestion to follow the feeding.  This keeps baby happy and sleepy on set and less prone to "accidents."

2.  Keep the baby warm.  Newborn skin is so sensitive baby will alert when it feels temperature changes.  Our wonderful nurse advisor Lynn Kuba suggested we bring hand warmers to pre-warm the the blankets and furs we use for photography on a newborn set.  This works well and is so much easier than worrying about trip hazards from cords or finding a nearby electrical outlet for the heating pad.

3.  Know how to calm your newborn.  Newborns love the warm comfort of Mom and Dad's hands around them.  Be ready to lend your hands to the baby photography effort!

4.  Limit the jostling.  It is fun to dress or swaddle the baby in family heirlooms, christening outfits or grandma's hand knitted blankets but keep the changes down to two or three so baby will be less prone to waking up or crying.

5.  Hire a professional photographer willing to come to your home to photograph your newborn such as Tracey Attlee of Alexandria, VA.  Skip the stress of trying to travel with your newborn because you and your baby will be happier and most relaxed at home!