Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tip for the Beach Bride

Todd and I photograph lots of New Jersey beach weddings. Its easy being a Spring Lake wedding photographer because I grew up there and know the area well.

Here is a word about how to look your best in MD, VA and NJ beach wedding photographs: Time the photographs for optimum light. Sand is a fabulous background for wedding gowns and veils but the problem is it reflects sunlight very harshly. The brighter the sun, the harsher the glare off the sand. Glare makes people squint and squinting cannot be hidden. You just can't force yourself to look natural when sun is glaring off the sand into your eyes. The muscles in your face contract into a frown and your eyes start watering.

Relax your eyes and face in your bridal portraits and group shots by timing the beach photography for early evening. The light will be kinder, much more romantic, and you'll have more of the beach to yourself since the crowds will have left.

It is said that when viewing a portrait, the viewer looks first at the eyes of the subject. To make a great first impression in your beach wedding bridal portraits, take advantage of evening light. You'll love the results! For more information on New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland beach weddings please visit our website