Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tip for Brides: Pin that Veil!

The bridal veil is one of the loveliest things about a bride's ensemble. It adds an air of mystery, of spirituality, of holiness.

Wind and light in a bridal veil can make pictures very special. We love to photograph weddings on windy days because the veil makes beautiful shapes when caught in a puff of wind. So my tip to you is: don't be afraid of wind; be prepared for it.
Ask your hairdresser to pin in your headpiece securely and to set in your veil for you.

It is a brave soul who thinks she'll just plop on her veil a few minutes before going down the aisle. Usually everyone forgets or never learned how exactly to place the veil and which way the comb faces. So, it usually goes on crooked or too low or too high the first time. Then a new problem starts. Every time the bridesmaids pull the comb out and reposition the veil the bride's hairdo suffers. Misshapen tufts of hair are hard to hide. And if the hairdresser isn't there with professional tools to correct them it will get out of control quickly. We've had delayed weddings because the bride's hairdo got so out of shape she refused to go down the aisle until it was corrected.

Skip all the heartache! Have a professional set in your veil at the salon. Then you can smile and have fun in your veil no matter what the weather. Please contact us at further information and to discuss your wedding plans.